Sunday, January 20, 2008


Ander's beloved "Quack" has gone missing!

As a baby, Ander would never take a pacifier and didn't have a special toy or anything. When he was around 6 months old, he started going to a babysitter 2 mornings a week. I wanted to send something from home with him when he went, and that's when our love for Quack began. We received him at a baby shower, and he waited patiently in the closet until he was needed. Well, needless to say, Quack definitely became Ander's security blanket, and he desperately wanted him at naptime and bedtime.

I remember giving him the duck Friday night at bedtime, and don't remember seeing him since!! We've torn the house apart looking (still haven't gone through the trash yet - smelly proposition since we still have one in diapers). I don't remember him being in the van on our outing either. Arggh!!

Ander did pretty well yesterday at nap until he woke up in the middle of nap crying, "I need my Quack!!" Last night he did well. Today, seemed altogether too easy for him to go to bed without Quack. The real test will be when he goes to Michelle's house tomorrow and it is time to go for a nap.

....At this point, I think I am more upset about Quack's disappearance than Ander. That would be a good thing....


Marthavmuffin said...

OH dear. I am sorry to hear you are still Quackless. Jamie would freak out without her 'Yaddy'!
I went on Ebay and there are alot of 'loveys' for sale on there. Do you know the brand name?

Cinda said...

Unfortunately, no. We looked a while back for a "back-up" but couldn't find an exact match. At that time, we bought a few that were close, but he would have nothing to do with them.
We went to Target this week and bought a green one completely different. He is taking it, although he doesn't love it as much, and call it green quack. (It's a bear.) then he will say "yellow quack is gone."

Patty said...

I searched & searched & finally found one that was "close but no cigar" . . . I gave up all efforts once you told me about Green Quack (the bear).

I am so excited for you AND for Ander that you were finally able to locate the little "bank wobber" lol

See you soon