Monday, November 3, 2008

Painting in the tub!

Shaving cream with food coloring mixed in to paint in the bathtub with. Not recommended for white grout!  We rinsed it off quickly so we didn't have any staining. Fun, fun, fun activity - until he knocked it in the water - then we had meltdown!
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Homemade Play-doh!

I've been perusing quite a few "homeschool" blogs, and we have been trying some new stuff lately.  On this day, we made a homemade pumpkin pie play-doh. Oh my, it smelled lovely, but was a little too oily for me.  We'll be trying more in the future.
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Making cookies!

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Having fun popping bubble wrap

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

The boy likes to run.... and JUMP

Ander likes to be active! He loves to run and run and run! Lately, he has been into hopping.

Today, we went down to "the fort" on Fort Caroline to let him get his running out of his system. What a beautiful day to go! We had a cup we picked up to throw away,and as we strolled along, Ander put his treasures in it - a small pinecone, Spanish moss, nuts, a few flowers, and leaves!

P.S. Ander has tons of clothes from my thrifting, etc., but you might not know that by looking at this post and the last. The same outfit!! I love these shorts! They are pretty much too small, so we had to get one more use before they get donated.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh what they say!

Ander was placed in time out last week - I think for hitting his cousin Jessica. Anyway, I put him on the "the monkey mat" and heard him saying "This is ridiculous!" Oh my!!!
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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

When did my baby become a kid?

Daddy is out of town this week, and Ander and I have been keeping busy. Apparently not busy enough for him though. On Monday, we ran a few errands and then played at the children's museam for 1-1/2 hours. When we left, Ander thought he needed to go to the toy store too, so he said, "Can I, can I, can I, can I ....pwease....!"

I thought that was pretty funny, and then at dinner he cracked me up again (although I tried not to let him see it.) I was talking about making fish for dinner when Ander said, "I am ABSOLUTLEY not going to eat that!"

He's only 2-1/2 - oh my!!!!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Spreading the love

Ander has recently begun saying "I love you". He says it to Dad and Mom. He also said it to the five year old girl he passed by in the wagon at the zoo. He also said it when saying goodbye to the boy and girl who remained at the gym kids lounge. "Bye Boy. Bye Girl. I love you."

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ander sings

Ander has begun singing songs with us. If I remember right, the first one he started singing was Happy Birthday. At home, he will act goofy with his singing when he is playing, but if we sing at gym or the library, he is so serious and doing so great!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

See what I mean about the wind?

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Me and my Shadow

WindyDay at Hanna Park on Saturday after the storms on Friday.

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Beautiful Blues

I couldn't resist this picture of getting blue jammies on next to those beautiful blues! Love you baby!
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A Valentine and a Superhero

Our activity last week was to make a cake and Ander got his first experience with baking. He got to use the mixer and everything! (He thought it was pretty cool.) We decided to use Valentine decorations and surprise daddy. I couldn't resist the picture of him in his dress-up outfit and the Valentine cake.
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Fun at Hands On Children's Museum

We went to Hands On Children's Museum for the first time Saturday morning, and Ander loved it!
We joined as members as I can see Ander and I going here once a week or so for playtime. So cool - grocery store, 50s diner, puppet theatre, post office, bank, toddler room, ball pit, puzzles, basketball, trains, and so much more!!!! Looking forward to having fun!
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Impersonating Elton John!

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Making Me Crazy

Coming home from gym the other day, Ander was falling asleep in the van. He has been known to sleep for 5 minutes in the van and then not take a nap. Being the tired mommy that I am, I desperately did not want him to go to sleep. So, I started singing circus music and clapping my hands. Ander groggily said, "That is making me crazy!" I couldn't stop laughing ..... !!!


Posted by PicasaWe've found Quack!!!
While cleaning up Ander's room, I decided it was time to go through all the toys and put the pieces with the appropriate toys. When I had all the loose coins rounded up to put in the piggy bank, I picked it up to put them in, and what should I find - QUACK!!!! Hurray! One happy little boy and one happy mommy!! We had fun calling Daddy (who was in "See-waddle") to tell him what we found!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


A stringed instrument, either accoustic or electric. This is not a guitar but according to Ander a "Peetar."


Ander's beloved "Quack" has gone missing!

As a baby, Ander would never take a pacifier and didn't have a special toy or anything. When he was around 6 months old, he started going to a babysitter 2 mornings a week. I wanted to send something from home with him when he went, and that's when our love for Quack began. We received him at a baby shower, and he waited patiently in the closet until he was needed. Well, needless to say, Quack definitely became Ander's security blanket, and he desperately wanted him at naptime and bedtime.

I remember giving him the duck Friday night at bedtime, and don't remember seeing him since!! We've torn the house apart looking (still haven't gone through the trash yet - smelly proposition since we still have one in diapers). I don't remember him being in the van on our outing either. Arggh!!

Ander did pretty well yesterday at nap until he woke up in the middle of nap crying, "I need my Quack!!" Last night he did well. Today, seemed altogether too easy for him to go to bed without Quack. The real test will be when he goes to Michelle's house tomorrow and it is time to go for a nap.

....At this point, I think I am more upset about Quack's disappearance than Ander. That would be a good thing....