Sunday, February 3, 2008

Beautiful Blues

I couldn't resist this picture of getting blue jammies on next to those beautiful blues! Love you baby!
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A Valentine and a Superhero

Our activity last week was to make a cake and Ander got his first experience with baking. He got to use the mixer and everything! (He thought it was pretty cool.) We decided to use Valentine decorations and surprise daddy. I couldn't resist the picture of him in his dress-up outfit and the Valentine cake.
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Fun at Hands On Children's Museum

We went to Hands On Children's Museum for the first time Saturday morning, and Ander loved it!
We joined as members as I can see Ander and I going here once a week or so for playtime. So cool - grocery store, 50s diner, puppet theatre, post office, bank, toddler room, ball pit, puzzles, basketball, trains, and so much more!!!! Looking forward to having fun!
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Impersonating Elton John!

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Making Me Crazy

Coming home from gym the other day, Ander was falling asleep in the van. He has been known to sleep for 5 minutes in the van and then not take a nap. Being the tired mommy that I am, I desperately did not want him to go to sleep. So, I started singing circus music and clapping my hands. Ander groggily said, "That is making me crazy!" I couldn't stop laughing ..... !!!


Posted by PicasaWe've found Quack!!!
While cleaning up Ander's room, I decided it was time to go through all the toys and put the pieces with the appropriate toys. When I had all the loose coins rounded up to put in the piggy bank, I picked it up to put them in, and what should I find - QUACK!!!! Hurray! One happy little boy and one happy mommy!! We had fun calling Daddy (who was in "See-waddle") to tell him what we found!