Saturday, November 10, 2007

Officially Two

Ander has been acting like a "2 year old" for quite a while and now is officially 2. He celebrated birthday #2 with a small party at home. He loved playing with Jamie and watching Jenna with the balloon.

I've been talking to Ander about Thanksgiving and having a big group of people come to our house and he says "Sing Happy Birthday" and "Presents!" Guess the party made an impression on him.

We are learning to deal with some of the challenges of the "terrible twos," such as the whining and tantrums. Craig does better with it than me - I just want it to stop and have to watch giving in and giving him what he wants to make him happy. Not good in the long run I know!

As he learns about the world, we learn more about taking care of him. ...and always loving him. Ander is now saying pretty much anything we say, counts to 13, knows about 15 sign language signs, and is learning his ABCs.


Erin K said...

He is such a cutie pie and looks just like you! :)

Mary said...

I have never met two more people more qualified to lead a wonderful Ander than his mom and dad! Looking forward to more "adventures with Ander" and loving you all along the way!

Marthavmuffin said...

Oh, I am so glad you started a blog! We are happy to have you in our world and we will be right behind you in terrible two town. We missed you at the fair. Come see the pics at our blog. Hope Ander is feeling better.

Patty said...

The first time I saw this, I tried to leave a comment but it would not allow me to ? ? ?

Here's my second try and I sure do hope it comes thru