Saturday, October 25, 2008

The boy likes to run.... and JUMP

Ander likes to be active! He loves to run and run and run! Lately, he has been into hopping.

Today, we went down to "the fort" on Fort Caroline to let him get his running out of his system. What a beautiful day to go! We had a cup we picked up to throw away,and as we strolled along, Ander put his treasures in it - a small pinecone, Spanish moss, nuts, a few flowers, and leaves!

P.S. Ander has tons of clothes from my thrifting, etc., but you might not know that by looking at this post and the last. The same outfit!! I love these shorts! They are pretty much too small, so we had to get one more use before they get donated.

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Marthavmuffin said...

He sure does! We had a great time with you guys yesterday at the Filet. Too bad the zoo didnt work out but I bet Thursday will be much nicer. You guys need to come by and see our Scary display! (we carved a pumpkin today!)